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School News

At West Brook, we appreciate our involved parents and community members. We also enjoy broadcasting our latest news and information here on our News page, where we will chronicle school activities and student achievements and publish announcements. We’ll also offer helpful resources and information. So check back often; we’ll update it regularly.

STEM Class

Mrs. Dziob’s 5th grade STEM class is learning about the forces that affect structures and the engineering design process. Students had 30 minutes to build the longest bone bridge possible using the materials provided. After construction, students tested and evaluated their prototype’s strengths and weaknesses. The next step of the design process is iteration. During that stage, students will redesign and build an improved bridge.

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Paper Towel Test
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Students in Mrs. Mag’s and Mrs. Otterstedt’s classes have been busy putting the scientific method to use by testing 13 different paper towel brands. Students surveyed parents for the brand that they felt was the best brand. Students brainstormed the characteristics that would make one brand of paper towel better than another. By designing their own experiments, students tested the paper towels on durability and absorbency and utilized research to evaluate eco-friendly qualities and value per roll. The students analyzed the data to determine which brand(s) stood above the competition. The brands made from sugar cane and bamboo (Caboo and Tru Green) and the recycled-paper brand (Green Forest) received high ratings for being eco-friendly. However, they failed in absorbency and durability. The dollar store brand (Regal) ranked well in price, but it did not perform well in durability and fell apart in water. Bounty performed well in tests, but Kirkland, Stop and Shop Premium, and Brawny were strong contenders. Overall, the students were so excited to test and share their results.

    Studying Science

    Mrs. Niemiec and Mr. Torr'Andell's classes have been busy lately learning about physics. Students related gravity to weight using a spring scale, they worked in groups to study slope, and they used the engineer design process model to create homes that can withstand a hurricane. Amazing!

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    West Brook School Club Expo

    REACT Club members, Joel Mason and Alex Alcaide volunteered their time during back-to-school night. Club members, along with their advisor Nancy Fox, distributed information to parents about upcoming West Brook events sponsored by the West Brook School REACT Club. Before back-to-school night, we expose students in fifth and sixth grade to a club expo. The goal of the expo is to provide students with information to various extracurricular clubs at West Brook Middle School. Students circulated around the cafeteria where there was an overview of all club offerings.  The West Brook School Club Expo also allowed students the opportunity to join several clubs at the school. We encourage all students to engage in all aspects of the club offerings. This information was also available to our school families during back-to-school night.

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    Digital Pledges

    Fifth graders in Mr. Rembecky's class worked together to create their digital citizenship pledges in 21st Century Digital Skills. Students pledged to communicate responsibly with others, protect their own and others’ private information online, stand up to cyberbullying, respect each other’s ideas and opinions, and give proper credit when using others’ work.

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    September Sounds

    Mrs. Dugan's 8th graders have been working on group digital compositions. They planned out the use of different combos of beats, effects, melodies, and voices with a variety of musical textures. After recording, the students shared with other groups and were given meaningful peer feedback. #ParamusProud

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    Yoga at West Brook

    Beginning in mid-October, students at the West Brook will practice yoga for 15 to 20 minutes every other week for 30 weeks. Led by Core Yoga for Youth, a group co-founded by yoga instructor Ruth Meagher, who introduced yoga to elementary school students in Nutley, Glen Ridge, Montclair, Rutherford and Newark. "They will teach breathing exercises and stretching so our kids can be more present," says Dr. Deirdre Spollen-LaRaia, West Brook's principal. The pilot program may also train staff members. "We're researching the impact on our students, so we'll have data to follow," says Spollen-LaRaia.

    NJSLA Scores

    Please take a moment to read a letter from Superintendent Michele Robinson regarding the NJSLA scores.